Oasis Church is a church aspect of Holy Ghost End Time Ministries Int. founded by Festus Nsoha, who is the apostle and Senior Pastor of the Oasis Church. From Nigeria, Africa, in 1991 he received the mandate from the Lord Jesus Christ Himself to preach the Gospel and make disciples in former Czechoslovakia from 1993. Oasis Church is the result of brother Festus' obedience to this call. More information about brother Festus and his ministry here.
Oasis church is a Bible based, Pentecostal-charismatic church firmly rooted in the Pentecostal experience of the early church. Here you can find what we believe.
Believers in Oasis church have personally experienced the Lord Jesus Christ and the finished work of the Cross by being born again, they are taught to be filled with the Holy Spirit and encouraged to walk in the gifts of the Spirit to serve God and bless humanity with them.
All of us in Oasis church together build a family oriented church, where people of various nationalities, age groups and social background are free to worship God regardless of their differences. Here loving God and loving one's neighbor is the primary thing.
Oasis church in Prague enjoys the privilege of our own building in the beautiful area of Prague 6 – Nebušice. All our groups in different cities are connected, share the same vision, the same grace and drink from the same fountain of God's living Word.
Since 2014, Oasis was registered by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic as an official church.
Come and be blessed!